Gardens and travel – a perfect pairing

Coming into Heathrow from our change-of-planes in Copenhagen, we look down to see Windsor Castle.  We’re here!  I love landing — looking at the doll’s landscape below, and imagining sitting in a garden and having tea while discussing the wisteria.  Welcome to Passports and Seed Packets, my new blog on garden travel.  This is where I can share with you the stories we hear and the gardens we visit from Seattle to Scotland to South Carolina.  I’m no expert, so I won’t lecture you on the brand of suitcase you carry, using a backpack or how to fold your one nice skirt so that it doesn’t look like it’s come through a mailing tube.  Although I’m not above discussing the details of travel, instead, here you’ll find loads of ideas for trips and tales of the road (and sky), all tied into gardens, plants and gardeners.  Garden travel has got to be the best, because gardeners are inquisitive; that’s how we’ve learned stories about a Messerschmitt buried in a garden to the meaning of the word “corn” in England.  And here, I’ll get to tell all the stories.




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