Weary gardeners soldier on

I’m leading a homegrown tour this week, taking a group from the Ladew Topiary Gardens around to Seattle-area public and private gardens.  This is a first, and I’ve enjoyed putting together the itinerary and finding great landscapes (always remembering that there needs to be a bathroom stop along the way).

Yesterday afternoon, we had a tour of Kubota Gardens, now a city park but once the landscape and nursery business of Fujitaro Kubota.  The group flew nonstop yesterday morning, leaving about an hour late.  Considering most of them had been up since 3 a.m. Baltimore time, they were a lively bunch.  But I remember that zombie feeling.  When we fly to London, we’ve arrived midday, and then try to stay awake the rest of the day to get on local time.  Usually, we sit in Russell Square staring at the lovely fountain and eating sandwiches until we can check into our room and — yes, I admit it — take a nap.  Then we are ready to hit the pubs.

More on our local Seattle tour as the days go on.


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