Pack It In, Pack It Out

I’ve just found a fabulous Web site on packing:  It’s filled with really fine, practical information on traveling well, while not needing your own personal sherpa.  Some of the recommendations even I, poor packer that I am, already follow.  Washing underwear out in the hotel sink, check; using Woolite, check; packing fewer items that are all coordinated no matter how sick you get of wearing that same stupid scoop-neck pink t-shirt, check; going for non-natural materials … well, I might have to disagree slightly.

  ’s argument is that natural fibers wrinkle more easily.  But I thought it was now OK to wear wrinkled linen; I certainly don’t want the crisp, white, ice-cream-suit look to my clothes.  I especially don’t want the “white” part, as I am the first to spill red wine on myself, sometimes as early in the trip as the flight over, but here we agree: urges dark colors where possible.  Prints are good, too — is that a blob of mustard or just another flower in the wildflower meadow blouse?

            My experience with microfiber stuff is mixed.  Leighton and I got microfiber t-shirts from Travelsmith, but they pilled up on us, and looked cheap (but weren’t).  What about plain old cotton knit?

The Web site has an interesting approach to packing that involves wrapping everything in a bundle — we are assured that this causes fewer wrinkles.  There’s a diagram to help us out, but unfortunately that makes this packing strategy look dangerously like an arts-and-crafts project.  I am not good at arts-and-crafts, starting with the very first pottery ash tray I made in kindergarten (ah, those were the days), which looked more like a tiny bathtub.

Still, I’m willing to give it a try, so I will use the bundle-packing method next week when I head to Spokane to give a talk to the Inland Empire Garden Club.  I’ll report on the wrinkle-test results.


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  1. Claire Says: does offer some fairly good traveling tips. I always try to pack light myself.

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