What’s it worth to you?

Can anybody tell me what an airplane ticket really costs?  I don’t mean the cheapest ticket from some online source, what day of the week to fly, using accumulated miles, how to get all your worldly travel belongings into one carryon so that you don’t have to pay the baggage fee, or packing snacks of homemade trail mix (ack).  I mean, how much does a ticket actually cost?

            The people that run the counter and run the airplane need good salaries — I’d rather be sure that a well-qualified pilot, co-pilot, attendant or check-in person gets a topnotch salary for his/her position than bargain for the lowest bid.  I understand that the cost of oil is high, which then drives up the price of everything else.  I’m not complaining that ticket prices are too high, I’m complaining that I don’t know what the cost is for the percentage of time and equipment I use when I get on a plane and fly to San Francisco, Newark or London.  And, of course, how much of the ticket price goes to the CEO.

            Surely some mathematician can figure this out.  If I knew how much a trip really costs, I wouldn’t mind paying it, instead of adding all these silly fees.  There are lots of hits for “airfare calculator”, but it’s all about my budget, not the airlines.  Somebody help me out here.


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