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            I flew to Spokane to talk to The Inland Empire Gardeners.  They are an enthusiastic, large group of fun gardeners whose interests are broken down into smaller groups — they have a movie group, a gourmet group, a photography group and … probably several others.  Even short garden tours teach us something, while we have a good time. 

            Touring their Zone 6 (pushing it to 7 occasionally) desert gardens, I saw great designs, wonderful rock work, and a fine array of plants.  I was hosted by the Meyer sisters, ViAnn, who is president, and her sisters Della and Chris, and stayed out in the Spokane Valley.  Here are a few travel observations:

            Horizon (Alaska Air) does a great job of short flights.  And, despite all the extra charges that airlines are adding on, Horizon still offers a free glass of Northwest wine or beer on their flights.  Granted, on the way back it was too bumpy for them to to serve, but it’s the thought that counts.  On the way over, I had Widmer Drop Top Amber.  Also, I like the a la cart feature at Horizon:  If you insist on taking your large carryon onto the plane, you can drop it on a rack just before you get on, and then pick it up at the bottom of the plane’s stairs on the way out (these are small planes, so no long chute from the gate).  This is so much quicker than checking a bag.

            Although I didn’t stay in my favorite hotel in the world – the Davenport— I did stay in a really nice Holiday Inn Express in the valley.  They even had a hotel dog, a friendly golden retriever.  Coffee was so-so, always the problem at a hotel, but I wasn’t about to walk out and find a Starbucks (it was 97 degrees the afternoon I arrived).

            A trip to Spokane is a fun short jaunt with great gardens and a reasonable airline experience.


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    Ah, but the real question is, how did the bundle packing work for you?

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