Time to fly

Big news in airfare — as announced in the AP story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer today — Ryanair will offer transatlantic flights for 6 GBP (about $10).  The announcement was all over the wire; a Google search came up with MSNBC, the International Herald Tribune and a host of others reporting it.  But try as I may, I couldn’t find the announcement on the actual Ryanair Web site.  The Ireland airline still lists only its European destinations, including many within Ireland (for those of you flying to Knock).

            The big-time cheap airfares will, I’m sure, be hard to come by, and the airline is quick to say that business class will be expensive (to make up the costs), but still, it’s a boost to travelers to even hear such news.  Deals can be had, even if we don’t get them.

            And it reminds me to plug our 2009 tours — someone recently asked me if details were on this blog.  Our May tour to England is going to be great fun, and with the exchange rate looking so good right now (I just checked xe.com — one GBP is $1.58, yay!), a pint of the pub’s best bitter is going to taste quite fine.

            Look for details on next year’s tour at my Web site — martywingate.com.  Stories about what we’ll be doing will be appearing here soon.


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  1. Lorene Says:

    $10 airfare!!! what are you smoking!!! Hi Marty, if you have a moment visit my blog at Plantedathome.com, you’ve been “tagged” if you want to play.
    take good care,

  2. dkprinzing Says:

    Wait a minute, Lorene. I tagged Marty, too. I didn’t realize you got her first. oh bummer.

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