What’s on your shelf?

OK, sorry … now, where was I?

Lorene, who blogs at plantedathome.com, had tagged me in a sort of chain-letter event (Debra Prinzing at shedstyle.com also sent it to me) — I’m supposed to grab a book from within arm’s length (for me, the shelf behind), go to page 56, fifth sentence and read two or three lines.  Even though I’m way behind in responding to this, I’ll have you know I have not rearranged the bookshelf, and I have not memorized its order, so this is about as random as it gets for a garden writer (although there’s the question of reaching with my right or my left hand).  Here goes.

            Right-handed, the choice is:  The Plant Locator Western Region by Susan Hill and Susan Narizny (Timber Press, 2004) — unfortunately out of print.  It’s an exceptional work and one I use constantly to check names.  The Susans were meticulous in checking the latest correct botanical name and cultivar listing, and I use it second only to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Plant Finder online (that, too, gives me nursery sources, but I use it to verify names and spellings).  Here’s my reading:


u*  obesum ssp. somalense ‘Nova #2’            caGuy

*    obesum ssp. swazicum                                    caGuy

*u  obesum ssp. swazicum ‘Perpetual Pink’   caGuy


OK, that’s about enough of that.  It’s the end of a listing of Adenium , an interesting African plant called the desert rose that’s not hardy around Seattle — at least not this winter (here’s a good photo and info).  The Plant Locator’s info includes subspecies (when plant characteristics differ because of, for example, geographic difference).  The “u” means its unverified and the asterisk notes that it’s a new entry.  The “caGuy” shows that it is (was) available from Guy Wrinkle Exotic Plants in Los Angeles.

            You see how useful this book is?  You could probably find one used — if you don’t want to search for yourself, let David at Flora & Fauna do it for you.

            Sorry Lorene and Debra — I’ve always been the last stop when it comes to chain letters, so I have not sent this out to five people who must look on page 56 of a book within reach.  I can’t even send recipe chain letters along.

            There’s much more to say these days about gardening, touring and writing, but I wanted to get this out there and get it off my conscience.  


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