A different kind of indoor garden

This is brilliant — someone has invented a moss bathmat.  Little bits of hummocky moss somehow attached to a plastic grid or something.  Here, read about it yourself: 


Moss mat 


It’s a cushy landing for those wet feet stepping out of the bath or shower.  Moss is quite fashionable now in the garden, maybe because we now it’s too difficult to get rid of.  Indoors, we could tend our own mossy patch.


The inventor is looking for backing for the moss bathmat, and I believe there should be someone in Washington State to help out here — we must be the moss capital of the country.  What about the town of Mossy Rock?  The product could be called Mossy Mat.  Seattle’s got those silly t-shirts about the rain festival, how about someone at the Pike Place Market selling tourists a piece of the Northwest to take home?  You’d never forget to water it. 


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