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Robert Jones, John and Lee Neff, Dan HinkleyThe Arboretum Foundation’s preview party at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show every year brings out the horticultural community to celebrate our passions.  This may be the last show (as we have known it, anyway).  Leighton and I enjoyed talking with Dan Hinkley, Robert Jones, John and Lee Neff (seen here hamming it up for the camera).  Lee was the editor of the Arboretum Bulletin for many years, working with a kind and clear pen.

Paige Miller, Bob LillyBob Lilly and Phil Wood designed this year’s display for the Arboretum; it was based on the Pacific Connections garden at the Arboretum — the show garden is Cascadia, one of five geographic regions from which we draw ornamental plants.  Paige Miller, executive director of the Foundation (seen here with Uncle Bob), gave a brief program and thanked Duane and Alice Kelly for all their years of owning and running the flower show.

In the gardens, we ran into Mary-Kate Mackey, garden writer and educator from Eugene, Alice Doyle, owner of Log House Plants (a fabulous grower/wholesaler of specialty plants), Cameron Scott, owner of Exteriorscapes and also part of a new venture to promote stonework in the garden (his work is fabulous), and Ciscoe Morris.Cameron Scott, Mary-Kate Mackey, Ciscoe Morris, Alice Doyle, friend of Alice

What’s up at the show? Green roofs, green walls, recycled and “repurposed” materials and lots of winter color from coral bark maples, redtwig dogwood and a red Mustang in the garden designed by Adam Gorski. It’s great fun!


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  1. Ginny Says:

    Please correct your comments above concerning the red Mustang in the NW Flower and Garden Show… that garden was designed by Adam Gorski
    The garden is designed around the Mustang which belongs to belongs to Adam’s mother-in-law.

  2. passportsandseedpackets Says:

    Thanks, Ginny, for spotting that error. I’ve corrected it in the post, and put a link in to Adam’s site. He does fabulous work!

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