This Just In

A short and delayed note to add to “Gardening Isn’t Going Away”.  The Northwest Flower & Garden Show posted a 3-percent increase in attendance this year.  Yes, yes, I know what you’re saying: owner Duane Kelly said this would be the last one, so more people came to see.  But if they didn’t care about gardening, why would that make a difference?  I don’t care for basketball, so I didn’t go see the Sonics play when they were up for sale just because they might leave town.

            And, the Philadelphia Flower Show welcomed 251,000 visitors – not a record itself, except for one-day attendance on March 7 when 48,000 people were there.  Gardening on the decline?  Apparently not.

            Great DixterI mentioned Great Dixter in the earlier post, and Christopher Lloyd’s love of teaching others about plants and gardens, as well as learning more himself.  I contacted the garden to find out about their attendance, and the reply was that 2008 attendance was “exceptionally good” at 44,882.

It looks like the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is sold; so who would buy a business if its future didn’t look bright (besides the government)?



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