Hope Springs Eternal

It appears that we may – at long last – be finished with the terrible winter weather that has played havoc with our gardens in the maritime Pacific Northwest.  I lost four Pittosporum tenuifolium, although two of those were in small pots, and so I can point the finger of blame at no one but myself.  Two hebes succumbed to the elements along with a potted Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’, which I got because we had seen such a lovely specimen at The Garden House in Devon.  Strangely enough, the potted Olearia macrodonta survived, although it doesn’t look good.  As usual, no sign of life from my Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’ – just as well, I’d rather buy a pretty new one-gallon plant now that try to nurse along a leaf or two on last year’s plant.

'Black and Blue'

'Black and Blue'



My friend Jane says she won’t replant any hebes, because hers all died.  I say, bring on the hebes.  Four of mine still look good – in fact, the selection I bought as ‘Dorothy Peach’ but is actually lavender (and so I call it ‘Not Dorothy Peach’) is just as huge and impressive as ever.

We have fallen in love with hebes around here, and so it’s a good thing that the Great Plant Picks program is selecting some of the best to recommend.  The recommendations come from the years of testing by Neil Bell, extension agent at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center.  One of my newish hebes (H. odora ‘New Zealand Gold’) is on the list.

A bad winter or a big wind storm shouldn’t dampen our gardening spirits – and, in fact, it doesn’t if the crowds at the nurseries last weekend are any indication.  And so, with that in mind, I will be shopping at the Arboretum Foundation’s presale event (nothing like wine to help you shop) on Friday, April 24.  My goal:  more hebes, a new ‘Black and Blue’, and just about any Pittosporum tenuifolium cultivar I can find – except for ‘Silver Sheen’.  I’ve killed that one twice, and so will move on to something else.


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  1. dkprinzing Says:

    MW: nothing like wine to help you shop
    DP: You are a girl after my own heart
    xoxo deb

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