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There was a sad lack of both hebe and Pittosporum selections at last week’s Arboretum Foundation plant sale – just when we all need to beef up the garden with interesting evergreens.  Sure, several of them died during the winter, but I don’t see that as a reason to stop growing them – we won’t have another winter like that for a while, will we?  And ‘Irene Paterson’ looks great:  a few leaves lost, but new growth coming on just fine – although will mine ever be as large as the ones we see in Ireland?

'Irene Paterson' in Ireland

'Irene Paterson' in Ireland



(Is this global warming?  It reminds me of an old Twilight Zone episode – with someone who later became a star, of course – about how the earth had gotten off its course and was heading for the sun.  Everything was getting hotter and hotter, and then the main character woke up to find that it felt really nice and cool.  The truth was that the earth had gotten off its course and was heading away from the sun, and everyone was going to freeze!  Cue creepy music.)

I did find one Pittosporum tenuifolium cultivar:  ‘Eila Keightley’ from Fair Meadow Nursery, in Olympia.  It’s the only cultivar listed on their Web site, but they have fabulous other plants, and so I hope that they will add to the P. tenuifolium list.  In fact, this nursery would make a great road trip.  Although I love garden travel to faraway places, short trips nearby to gardens and nurseries keeps me going between the big trips.

Master Gardener Foundation of King County plant sale is this weekend:  What will I find?


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